I am Milan Wittpohl, a 24 years young student of business information technology located in Hamburg, Germany. Explore my work or find out more about me here.




October 2015
128dot7 is a native iOS App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that was designed & developed by me. The app aims to offer you a playful and fun way to improve your mental arithmetic skills. Mental arithmetic is a wonderful example for a skill that we pretend not to need because it's just so more convenient to use a pocket calculator or smartphone. But we do need mental arithmetic! It's proven to improve your memory and problem solving skills. For that reason I created 128dot7 to use the concept of Gamification to help people become better problem solvers! Find out more...

Apple Music Rethought

March 2016
I used Apple Music as my primary music app since it launched and unfortunately there are just as many things that I like as there are things that totally annoy me. For that reason I wrote an article on medium talking about these problems with suggestions how to make it the best music streaming app. Find out more...

Events By Reichel

Since Summer 2015
I do some additional work as a Digital Solutions Advisor for Events By Reichel where I create high end tools for event invites, registrations and management. We worked for clients such as CMA CGM and Optiker Bode. Find out more...

Schwimmhalle Barsbüttel

Summer 2014
Schwimmhalle Barsbüttel is a local swimming pool. The fully responsive website was created by me. Additionally I took all the pictures that you can see on the site. Find out more...


Spring 2015
I had the pleasure to be part of the design team of this app. BeeUp aims to improve how we use technology in our social life. The project was part of a class at the Cass Business School and resulted in this Indiegogo Campagne. Find out more...