I am Milan Wittpohl, deeply passionate about digital products,  currently at ORBIT as Software Engineer.
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About me

I am fascinated by the endless possibilities combined with the logical approach of design and programming. From 2013 to 2017 I studied business information technology as part of an internal degree program with the Bauer Media Group.

After graduation, I worked full time at the Bauer Media Group for two and a half years. During this time I had the opportunity to work on a variety of different media projects, analog and digital, national and internationally. Additionally, I create digital solutions for the event agency respect. since 2013 and published my own iOS App, 128dot7, in 2015. 128dot7 was available until late 2019 and is currently offline, as I did not have the time to ensure the features and quality I desire. However, I plan to relaunch with a new name and an overhauled concept in winter 2023.

In September of 2019, I started my master studies in computing at Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland. After graduation, in November of 2020, I started working at ORBIT as Software Engineer.

I also have a strong connection to nature, especially to snow and mountains. I spend a year as a high school student in Golden, Canada. The nature-driven lifestyle deeply inspired me.

Software development is my main passion and I consider myself lucky to have discovered it. However, many people have not found their passion yet. I want to create software to help people find their passion. More precisely, I want to help people discover and learn new skills.

Side Projects

Usage of City Bikes in Hamburg
mid 2020 The city of Hamburg is making increasingly more traffic data publicly available. This opens up exciting new possibilities. Insights into how the city moves can be gained and new digital solutions are now possible. To gain an understanding of the new open data platform and its potentials, I build a little demo app. The map visually shows the usage of city bikes during the last week of July in 2020.
Website Roots
early 2020 Every time you open a website, you communicate with at least one server to load the site. Which servers you interact with depends on the webpage you load. While some of the servers are used to load the content, some are used to keep track of you through the web. Furthermore, it is not at all or difficult to find out which information are shared with the respective servers. Shouldn't a website tell you which information it shares with what companies in a transparent and understandable way? With Website Roots you can easily see which servers you communicate with every time you open a webpage.
Tutorial: Full-Stack Web App
early 2020 I wrote a five-part in-depth tutorial series on building a modern, full-stack web application using Spring Boot, server-side rendered VueJS, Docker, Heroku and Gitlab CI/CD. As I was building a modern setup for a full stack web application, I realised that I sometimes tend to fool myself that I have understood something without fully understanding it. To force myself to understand everything fully, I wrote a tutorial series about it. In five parts, I'll take you through the process of building a modern web application using Java with Spring Boot, Javascript with Vue and NuxtJS, Docker, Heroku, Gitlab CI/CD.
Adversarial Search Methods
winter 2019 In computing, it is usually required to solve a logical problem. As the complexity of the problem increases, it also becomes harder to find a or the best solution. As part of my master studies, I looked at different adversarial search methods for two-player games. I implemented four different algorithms that can be applied to either a game of Tic Tac Toe or Connect Four. I learned a lot while building the web application and while conducting various experiments to gain a better understanding of the algorithm's strength and weaknesses.
monica camperi
summer 2019 In 2019 I had the chance to build the online shop for monica camperi,  a brand for elegant gold jewelry, that is handcrafted in Italy.
I worked closely with Monica and her team to create a professional and aesthetic website. Creative agency very was responsible for store's design. For development, I used the squarespace backend, as well as typescript and various other web technologies.
2017 - 2020 Guest management is key for every event. eventmember is a web application that offers an elegant solution to manage guests. It covers the creation of registration forms, E-Mail marketing, tickets, and reporting. eventmember is designed & developed by a friend and me in cooperation with the event agency respect. We use technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, MongoDB, spring, angularJS, gulp, swift.
2015 - 2019 128dot7 is an iOS App that aims to improve the users mental arithmetic skills in a playful way. I am a big fan of gamification and tried my best to make something rather boring more fun. By giving the user the choice to calculate or to cleverly move the ball to win, the user is not forced but rather given the choice to use mental arithmetic. 128dot7 was designed and developed by me and uses Swift and SpriteKit.


We all start somewhere. One day we might look back on past projects and throw up our hand in horror. However, I think it is important to remember where we started.
Apple Music Rethought
spring 2016 I used Apple Music from day one and especially, in the beginning, found it to have lots of potentials. I wrote an article on medium talking about these problems with suggestions on how to make it the best music streaming app.
spring 2015 I had the pleasure to be part of the design team of this app. BeeUp aims to improve how we use technology in our social life. The project was part of a class at the Cass Business School and resulted in this indiegogo campagne.